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Truckn Pro Owner Operator
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Newest Version: 11-20-21
Nov. 20, 2021

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Trucking Pro Software

Update version 11.20.21
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Please Read What's New BEFORE installing new Updates <<

   ** What's New **


Version 11.20.21

* Added all new links to go to new website.


Version 10.25.21

* Added Truck Stop selector form in the Fuel expense.


Version 10.6.21

* Expense line item will now auto fill MR check box.


Version 9.20.21

* Added Inactive check box to Shipper form.


Version 8.25.21

* Added auto fill line items button in the Invoice form.


Version 3.19.21

* Small Bug Fix in the Revenue form pay line items not calculating totals.


Version 2.23.21

* Small Bug Fix in the Route tab in the Revenue form.


Version 1.25.21

* All-New IFTA Reporting.  PLEASE Watch this video BEFORE installing this Update!


Version 1.19.21

* Bug Fix in the Per Diem Pro form and report.


Version 11.19.20

* Nothing big, Just some internal tweaks.  Update on the Per Diem Pro


Version 11.13.20

* Bug Fix in the new Charts, It was calculating incorrect MPG for Fuel and DEF.


Version 11.4.20

* Added new Email Logging


Version 10.26.20

* Added new Report Charts


Version 10.22.20

* Option to Check for new Updates or Not. *Tweak the FYI form.

* Fixed error message in the Email Load Docs form. Please watch video..


Version 10.6.20

*Fixed the City State drop down list on the Revenue form
it was running slow so hopefully it will be a little faster now.


Version 9.30.20

* Fine Tuned P & L Reports.


Version 8.6.20

* Changed the Version number to the Date that it was built

* Rebuilt Profit Loss Reports.


Version 7.25.20

*After installing new updates IF you had your data file in another location
Truckn Pro will remember where they are and Auto Re-Connect back to them.


Version 7.23.20

*Did a fix on the " Auto Fill Last Empty " button on the Revenue form.


Version 6.19.20

*Update on the Zip Code Selector.

  You can now add multiple cities per zip code.


Version 6.15.20

*Added new Truck and DEF MPG form


Version 5.26.20

*Added new Zip Code Database form


Version 4.26.20

*Invoice Status form, Now you can mark Invoice and Load as Paid.


Version 3.31.20

*All Reports now open with a new view.

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