Truckn Pro Elite Edition

Trucking Software For The Professional Owner Operator 


Whats New

Truckn Pro
Is Ready
Trucking Software

Trucking Logistics Software
For The
Owner Operator

* Unlimited Trucks and Trailers.

* Canadian Conversions


* Profit and Loss Reports.

* Document Scanning.

* Automatically Fills Out

    Monthly Maintenance


* Customer Database and


* Truck Stop Directory.

* Agent and Broker Database

* Reports for Tax Time.

       And Much More!

Trucking Software For The

Professional Owner Operator.



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Truckn Pro Elite


PE Edition

Watch Video to see how it works.
The video will show that the program
is made just for one Driver and one Truck
BUT as of 6-18-13 the Elite is now
Unlimited Trucks & Unlimited Trailers and Drivers..
Video's will be updated.

Short Video Long Video

You can watch the Elite Training Video's from the website here
Or you can download and put it on your computer
and watch them at any time..
Download The Elite Training Video's (size 145-MB) Here

Download and Try Truckn Pro Elite Full Version (size 87-MB) Here

Now With

Unlimited Trucks & Trailers & Drivers

Pay Features:
LTL, Percentage, Mileage, Tonnage, Hourly
Billing Invoice
Documenting Scanning
Scan Fuel Receipts
Scan BOL
Scan Expenses Receipts
Word Processor
Revenue Info
Profit and Loss Reports
Fuel Expense
Reefer Fuel Expense
Travel Expense
Broker Agent Database
Customer Database
Truck Stop Database
Logbook Recap calculator
Phone Book
Automatically fills out Monthly
Maintenance Report.
IFTA Information
All of the reports that you would need to do
your end of the year taxes.
And much more on the way!

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** Elite Edition **
* No Monthly Fees *
* Free updates for this Edition *
* Your License Never Expires *
For a one time Fee of $175.00
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The download is the Full Version.
Truckn Pro Elite Edition is available by download only.